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Fire Systems


Only the safest homes and properties are fully equipped to combat fires – whether you have a system in place which alerts and reports potential damage, spread of smoke or otherwise, an effective fire defence system should be comprehensive and quick to act.

When it comes to protecting your family and your belongings, there is no better solution than to have an effective fire alarm installed. It’s also a legal requirement in many cases – and the best alarm systems not only alert you and help to keep you safe, but can also alert the relevant authorities and can help arrange for assistance immediately.

Here at SBI Solutions we handle and install a variety of fire detection and protection systems, many of which can be tailored and installed to your needs and specifications. From alarm sounders to sprinklers and smoke heads, we can also provide a network of fire and smoke detection systems which will ensure that your home or property is never unsafe. We take pride in protecting our clients with health and safety systems that can be left work autonomously, meaning that very little maintenance – if any – is required. Once your fire detection and reporting system is in place, you can relax in the knowledge that an effective and efficient first defence against such damage can be left to detect any problems on your behalf.

Fire systems can work well alongside general security networks, which we can also provide and install based upon your personal needs and the layout of your premises. Simply allow us to perform a quick, comprehensive inspection and we will work with you to install a fire detection system that protects you from the very worst scenarios.

For more information on our health and safety services, or to find out more about our fire alarms and reporting systems, call us today on 0203 730 4859 or please email us with a query through web form below at your convenience.

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