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Door Entry


While the days of using keys and locks are still very much with us, enhanced security via intercom and access control should never be sniffed at.

Access control systems can range from basic to advanced in their setup and vetting of visitors to your home or business, meaning that the proficiency and complexity of your security system will depend entirely upon your needs.

With our access control and intercom services, you can effectively install a doorman at your property or business without there needing to be someone standing watch at the gate. With access to biometric scans, PINs, personal keys or fobs that can be used to scan in, you will be able to close off access to your premises with technology as your ally. Closing off your premises to only those who are able to pass such scans or checks will ensure that intruders simply don’t have access to your building – this is great news for any homeowners or businesses who are particularly concerned about protecting their homes, families, livelihoods and assets.

It’s not just big businesses and public-facing firms who stand to benefit from access control – our team can provide and install smart security features at the door for homeowners and professionals alike, meaning that you can be assured of constant security and vigilance over your property without you ever needing to lift a finger. Tied in with our existing security network services, it will work even harder to ensure that intruders stay away from your premises, and that they are effectively deterred. Allow us to discuss with you your security needs and we will be more than happy to find an access system that fits your individual requirements.

If you are concerned about people gaining access to your premises and would like to know more about access control, call SBI Solutions today on 0203 730 4859 or email us via web form below at your convenience.

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